Who are we?

B&E Cosmetics is a black owned business, designed to help others achieve comfort and confidence in their skin. Through our organic and natural products we ensure positive results, whilst still being gentle and considerate to the skin.

DISCLAIMER: Some of our products are pro-mixed (this means that the product is not organic), we will be specifying pro-mixed products and organic products, in product description.

Our Story...

The founder of B&E Cosmetics, O.Blessing has researched for, studied and formulated, all of the products that are available for you on the site today.

The aim of our business, is to make our customers satisfied with their appearances, helping your skin to be the best it can be. The business originally began out of curiosity, and extensive research for self-use, wanting to know what products would work best on her skin. However what started as basic knowledge from videos and articles, grew to training and the forming of her own company... B&E Cosmetics!

Why Us?

At B&E Cosmetics, we have a broad line of products available, to bring out the best in your skin. Most of our products are derived from natural ingredients, that are assured to be gentle to the skin.

We understand the trust you place on us, once you purchase from us but, all we request from you is patience. Consistent use of our products will guarantee results, patience is essential when it comes to skin, allow it to adjust to change which will then produce desired results.